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The European Union Center (EUC) at UC Berkeley is a joint effort of the Institute of European Studies (IES) and the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ISEEES). Housed at IES, the Center is dedicated to the development of education, research, and outreach programs aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of the European Union - its international role, policies, history, and culture - and raising the level of dialogue and discourse on transatlantic relations both on the UC Berkeley campus and throughout Northern California.

The EUC houses two central programs funded by grants from the European Union: The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence supports interdisciplinary research projects, conferences, and workshops developed and implemented by UC Berkeley scholars. The Getting to Know Europe program extends academic research on Europe and the EU into a wide range of outreach programs for Berkeley students, the broader public, regional schools and community colleges, businesses, and policy makers.

As a central research unit within the Institute of European Studies, the EUC’s diverse activities focus on IES’ overarching theme of “Global Europe.” Indeed, we believe that “Global Europe” will become the new narrative of European integration in the 21st century. Within this general theme, the EU Center broadly disseminates research and training on the impact of global issues and actors on the EU; its member states and the integration process; and how the EU as a global actor shapes international issues, events, and global governance. It aims to serve as a regional resource center for K-12, undergraduate and graduate interdisciplinary education; for outreach to the wider educational, policy, scientific and business communities; and for conferences and workshops focused on key aspects of the European Union and its role in the world.




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